How to Find the Best Optometrists for Your NeedsHow to Find the Best Optometrists for Your Needs

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How to Find the Best Optometrists for Your Needs

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Three Ways To Ensure The Sun Doesn't Sizzle Your Contact Lenses This Summer

The summer heat is ramping up in Australia, with states like South Australia already experiencing scorching summer temperatures.You have been wearing contacts for six months now, and you are excited about facing your first summer without the annoying encumbrance of wearing glasses while you swim and play a sport. However, summer sun and contact lenses bring a new level of optical danger you need to be aware of. There are three ways you can make sure your first summer wearing contacts is not your last.

Buy Good Quality Sunglasses

One of the reasons you changed to contact lenses is to get away from wearing glasses while enjoying sports and swimming. However, the sun dries out contact lenses fast, and a hard contact lens in the eye is a painful lesson you don't want to experience. Be sure to purchase sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. This claim means that all of the sun's harmful UV rays are being kept away from your contacts. If you have doubts about the effectiveness of a particular pair of sunglasses, then take them to your optometrist to ask for their opinion about the brand.

Carry Lubricating Eye Drops Everywhere

A good pair of sunglasses protects the lenses from UV rays, but how do you stop summer's heat from sucking the moisture out of your contacts? While your eyes naturally lubricate the lenses during the day, a quality eye drop is an extra protection when your eyes feel dry and gritty. You can purchase eye drops at your local chemist or your optometrist's office. Make sure to choose an eye drop that advertises it is made to re-wet the eyes of contact lens wearers.

Consider Daily Contacts In The Summer

If you get a chance to book an appointment with an optometrist before they close for the Christmas break, ask them whether daily contact lenses are a good choice for you during the summer months. The reason why daily lenses are better is that every day you put in brand new lenses. These lenses have the highest moisture content they will ever have due to being new, and at the end of the day you throw them out. When you wear contact lenses protein deposits build up on them. These deposits help to make the lens dry and stiff. A daily lens is not worn long enough for protein deposits to develop.

For more tips on taking care of your contact lenses, reach out to an optometrist.